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Not seeing what you’re looking for? CUSTOM ORDER YOUR VEHICLE

What To Look for When Buying a Used Car in Ontario

What To Look for When Buying a Used Car in Ontario

Buying a second-hand car is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. While it's a new car for you, it already has a history on the road, and that history will be different for every model. Here are a few things you should consider when buying a pre-owned vehicle in Ontario. 


Figure Out What Your Needs and Wants Are


Knowing your needs and wants for a vehicle is a crucial step to buying the right pre-owned vehicle for you. Wanting lots of horsepower may limit your available models, but that want can always be reduced. However, needs such as safety or space are the areas that’ll truly limit your available vehicle choices. 


These wants and needs may affect areas down to which trim you look at. Higher-tier trims offer better features and can involve aspects such as design, fuel economy, and performance.


Get a Used Vehicle Information Package When Buying Privately


When buying from a dealership, this step isn't needed. However, if you're buying from a private owner directly, the used vehicle information package (UVIP) is a must. The UVIP comes from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and costs around $20. 


The package will include a basic description of the vehicle, the VIN, make, model, and year, a bill of sale, retail sales tax requirements, and tips on safety vehicle standards inspections. This package must be shown to the buyer by the seller and is an essential part of the sale process.


Learn the Car's History


Knowing the history of maintenance and servicing for the vehicle is crucial. Knowing if there's been a part replaced and whether that’s an OEM part can impact your choice in buying the car. Additionally, a vehicle that hasn't been properly maintained may have several underlying issues that need to be cared for. 


Dealerships will often have a report on all these ready, while you'll need to request the details directly from a private seller. If the seller can provide receipts and statements, the history will likely be accurate and proper care has been taken.


Inspect the Vehicle Before Buying


Performing an inspection yourself through a walk around, test drive, and checking the engine is essential. Oil leaks and exhaust smoke may have other issues hidden behind them, while the gearbox needs to be felt through a test drive to see how smoothly it operates. 


Take Your Time


Buying any new or second-hand vehicle isn't a decision to be made in a hurry. Take your time, do your research, check everything you need to, and ask as many questions as you want before buying the car. Depending on your needs and wants, various options may be available within your price range that are ready to be taken out for a test drive.

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